In this era of transformation and innovation, The Seoul Shinmun hosts 「Seoul Future Conference 2019」 to put forward comprehensive solutions for issues of tomorrow.

The Seoul Future Conference focuses on core technology of the future. Lectures and discussions joined by the most renowned scholars around the world will provide insights on future direction of our society and technological development.
In 2016, the conference explored a global trend of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in an attempt to examine Korea’s current technological development and countermeasure at industrial and societal levels. In 2017, discussions were centered around changes in labor ecosystem caused by mechanization and automation as well as innovation in education sector to deal with such changes. In 2018, topics such as smart city, blockchain, and big data were analyzed to identify how an increase in connectivity fueled by technological development is impacting our society and industry.
Over the past 3 years, 50 speakers from around the world and 1,700 participants attended the Seoul Future Conference. As such, the SFC became a platform to reflect impacts of technological development on future society and to forecast innovative changes of tomorrow.
This year, The Seoul Shinmun celebrates 115 years since the first publication. Under the slogan of ‘Questions posed by AI in the era of imagination’ and the theme of ‘Abundance Digital, Imagine Expansion Future’, 「Seoul Future Conference 2019」 will explore where AI technology is today and how it will impact our society and industry in coming years. By focusing on innovation and transformation brought by artificial intelligence as well as lifestyle changed by digital technologies, the SFC will discuss fundamental values of humanities.
We look forward to your support and participation. Thank you.


서울미래컨퍼런스 EI
A symbol of the Seoul Future Conference (SFC) is inspired by human brain and its complicated and circuit-like structure. It symbolizes the SFC leveraging unlimited potential and creative ideas to touch upon various issues of tomorrow.
It also represents human fingerprints that are unique to each person, demonstrating respect for independent and different viewpoints. At the same time, fingerprints can act as a gateway. As such, the SFC will like to become a key to reveal unknown future.
The color orange stands for the SFC that is creative, bold, open-minded and forward-looking

CEO Message

「Seoul Future Conference 2019」 chose Artificial Intelligence, or AI, as a main keyword for the future. AI is constantly changing our society and industry. From voice recognition, machine learning, smart factory, autonomous driving to robotics, AI continues to evolve even as we speak.
Such technological development comes with hope as well as anxiety. We must embrace the hope that AI will bring, yet move beyond the anxiety. The advent of AI provides a new opportunity that used to be unthinkable in the past. But it can also cause problems that we have never faced before. 「Seoul Future Conference 2019」 explores AI as software based on brain science and as hardware based on robotics, thus takes discussions around AI technology one step further. Renowned scholars such as Jae-seung Jeong, Dennis Hong(professor at UCLA and Director of RoMeLa), and Dong-seon Chang(Head of Future Technology Strategy Team at Hyundai Motor Company) will present their ideas and participate in a discussion.
In addition, leaders in Fintech industry including Chia Hock Lai (President of Singapore FinTech Association), Kyung-ho Kim (Head of Global Digital Center at Hana Bank), and Ho-yeol Na (CTO of KakaoPay) will talk about global trends and various examples of services. CEOs from startups who are pioneering a new market with specialized technologies will share their stories about passion and insights.
In the last session, SFC TALK ‘Thinking Slow in a Fast-paced Era’, Toby Walsh and Mina Sohn will move away from positive aspects of technological development and have in-depth discussions on AI from a perspective of humanities. Insights on AI and human coexistence will be shared. I look forward to your support and participation.
Kwangheon Ko,
CEO, The Seoul Shinmun

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The Seoul Shinmun Future Strategy Institue

Every year, The Seoul Shinmun Future Strategy Institute plans and organizes the Seoul Future Conference (SFC) under a theme of ‘future science and technology’. Numerous knowledge-based forums and conferences are also hosted by the Institute, including ’Seoul Shinmun Gwanghwamun Lounge (CEO Forum)’ and ‘Local Policy Forum’.

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the Seoul Future Conference 2019.

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