Speaker & Session

Keynote Session │ AI: 3 Perspectives, 1 Idea

Jae-seung Jeong | Professor at KAIST

  • MS & PhD from KAIST
  • Former research associate at Yale University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry
  • Professor at KAIST

Professor Jae-seung Jeong is a keynote speaker for the Seoul Future Conference 2018 and again in 2019. He’s well-known as a young scientist who spreads scientific ideas through easily approachable writings. After working as a research associate at Yale University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and an assistant professor at Columbia University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry, he’s currently a professor of Bio and Brain Engineering at KAIST and also a professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University School of Medicine. Professor Jeong was selected as the Davos Forum’s ‘2009 Next Generation Global Leader’ and is overseeing Smart City National Project – Sejong City Project.

• Publications: Twelve Steps (2018), Science Concert with Jae-seung Jeong (2011)
• Media appearances: Encyclopedia of Useless Facts (2017)

Dennis Hong │ Professor at UCLA

  • BS from University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • MS & PhD from Purdue University
  • Professor at UCLA
  • Director of RoMeLa

Dr. Dennis Hong is a Professor and the Founding Director of RoMeLa (Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory) of the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department at UCLA. His research focuses on robot locomotion and manipulation, autonomous vehicles and humanoid robots. His past awards include the NSF CAREER, the SAE Ralph R. Teetor Award, the ASME Freudenstein / GM Young Investigator Award, and has been named to Popular Science's "Brilliant 10" to name a few. As the inventor of a number of novel robots and mechanisms, Washington Post magazine called Dr. Hong "the Leonardo da Vinci of robots.”

Dong-seon Chang | Dr. & Head of Future Strategy Technology Team at Hyundai Motor Company

  • PhD from Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Germay
  • Former doctor and research associate at Max Planck Institute of Brain Research
  • Head of Future Technology Strategy Team at Hyundai Motor Company

After completing Master’s degree from University of Konstanz in Germany and Rutgers University Center for Cognitive Science in USA, Dr. Dong-seon Chang received his PhD in Human Cognitive & Behavioral Research from Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics and University of Tubingen. He won ‘Science Slam’, a science competition hosted by Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research, in 2014. Since then, he’s gained a reputation as a brain scientist and science communicator. He worked as a doctor and research associate at Max Planck Institute of Brain Research. Currently, Dr. Chang is leading Future Technology Strategy Team at Hyundai Motor Company to develop a hybrid-concept vehicle technology that combines cognitive science and new technologies.

Seoul Insight │ Beyond Technology, Business Innovation Driven by AI

Franziska Bell | UBER Data Science Director

  • BS from UC Berkeley
  • PhD from CALTEC
  • Data Science Director at UBER

Franziska Bell is the Head of Data Science Platforms at Uber, where she founded the Anomaly Detection, Forecasting and Natural Language Platform teams. In addition, she leads Data Science for Strategic Finance, Office of the CTO, Computer Vision, Experimentation, Behavioral Science, Infrastructure, Data, Growth Platform and Customer Care.
Before Uber, Franziska was a Postdoc at Caltech where she developed a novel, highly accurate approximate quantum molecular dynamics theory to calculate chemical reactions for large, complex systems, such as enzymes.

Jun-ki Choi | Technology Director of AI Business Unit at KT

  • BS from KAIST
  • MS from POSTECH
  • PhD from KAIST
  • Technology Director of Marketing Department AI Business Unit at KT

Mr. Jun-ki Choi majored in voice recognition at KAIST and developed voice language processing technology at ETRI Future Technology Research Lab and KT R&D Center. He also participated in new business development including big data at KT New Business Development Unit. In 2017, Mr. Choi joined KT AI Business Unit and has been focusing on GiGA Genie’s platform, service and terminal development. Despite a delayed launch, KT GiGA Genie secured the first position in domestic AI speaker market by combining services with IPTV business. Various terminals and services ranging from GiGA Genie Table TV to LTE2 have been released in an effort to bring new values to customers.

Hyung-jin Lim | Principal Architect at Samsung Electronics

  • Principal Architect at Samsung Electronics
  • BS from WSU
  • MS from UIC

Mr. Hyung-jin Lim is working as a principal architect at Samsung Electronics Wireless Business Unit. He joined the company in 2013 and worked on data, infrastructure and security architecture. He also has been leading Cloud design and operation of real time messaging, Pay, and AI platform. Recently, his work focuses on leading Service Reliability Engineering (SRE) including IoT and account management system. By doing so, he aims to advance software service life cycle to improve reliability and effectiveness. In addition, Mr. Lim is actively sharing IT industry trends and know-hows on Cloud utilization such as fintech and AI. Before joining Samsung Electronics, he spent 13 years in Microsoft US and Microsoft Europe, handling engineering and operation of online services including Windows.  

Session I │ A Digital Native Era, User-Friendly Fintech

Chia Hock Iai | Chia Hock Lai, President of Singapore FinTech Association

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Chia Hock Lai is the CEO of Switchnovate, a FinTech consultancy firm that provides financial blockchain solutions, and has close to 2 decades of experience in the financial and technology industry. He has previously worked in organisations like Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) and NTUC Income. He is also an alumnus of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Kyung-ho Kim | Head of Global Digital Center at KEB Hana Bank

  • BA from Yonsei University
  • MBA from Seoul National University
  • Head of Global Digital Center at KEB Hana Bank

Since joining the company, Mr. Kyung-ho Kim has been one of the pioneers of internet banking and mobile banking. Based on his extensive experience in e-finance sector, Mr. Kim has been leading global business that utilizes digital technologies at Global Digital Center since November, 2017. In particular, as many countries are seeking cashless policies, he’s focusing on GLN(Global Lifestyle Network) business which allows customers to use wallets overseas.

As such, he’s partnering with a number of banks and payment service providers in Asia. Mr. Kim is also exploring a new business model by implementing cross-border settlement method using blockchain technology.

CTO Ho-yeol Na | CTO of KakaoPay

  • MS from KAIST
  • CTO of KakaoPay

Mr. Ho-yeol Na currently serves as CTO of KakaoPay. In April 2017, KakaoPay began its journey as an independent corporation. Since then, Mr. Na has been overseeing entire technological development at KakaoPay, and thus leading the era of Fintech where entirely new finance is fueled by IT technologies. He became a team leader of Kakao Fintech Development Team in 2015. His achievements such as building big data-based Fraud Detection System (FDS) that blocks any intelligent attempt to forge and applying AI machine learning method to improve service contributed to KakaoPay’s success in becoming a convenient and safe financial platform in the market.

He’s currently tacking on a new challenge of improving convenience, reliability and inclusiveness of financial transaction through KakaoPay by implementing various new technologies such as AI, big data, blockchain, biometric authentication, large-volume traffic processing, and user profiling.

Session II │ Digital Frontiers

Seung-yeon Jo | writer

  • BA in Business from New York University
  • Writer & public speaker

Since his first appearance in 2018, Mr. Seung-yeon Jo joins the Seoul Future Conference for the second time in 2019. He graduated from New York University School of Business and moved to France to attend Ecole du Louvre, one of the most renowned art school in the world. He’s fluent in English, French and Italian. Mr. Jo can also comprehend Germany and Latin. He’s currently studying Asian languages such as Chinese character and Chinese. His previous work experience includes permanent director of UnfroZenMind, a consulting firm in England.

• Publications: Linguistic Genius Seung-yeon Jo’s Storytelling in Humanities (2013)
• Media appearances: TvN’s Secret Readers (2015-2016), JTBC’s China by Doall (2016)

Jong-ho Kim | CEO of HAECHI LABS

  • BS from Seoul National University

Mr. Jong-ho Kim worked at VCNC, a company that operates Between and Tada, and AWAIR, a manufacturer of air-quality monitoring devices in silicon valley. He then started his own company called HAECHI LABS. It provides comprehensive development solution and smart contract audit to clients who create blockchain-based services.

Smart contract audit refers to a process to check whether blockchain technology is operating as programmed. Henesis, a platform built by HAECHI LABS, supports companies during blockchain adoption. Through partnership with Shinhan Bank, LG, and SK Telecom in terms of blockchain technology application and security, HAECHI LABS received a grant from Ethereum Foundation (a global blockchain organization).

Sergiu Ardlean | ARTVIVE CEO

  • MS from University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Experienced Co-Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Strong entrepreneurship professional skilled in Augmented Reality, User Experience, Advertising, Branding & Identity.

Andra Coros | HOLISTIC CEO

  • CEO of Holistic Traction
  • MS from Webster Vienna Private University

Experienced Growth Marketer with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer electronics and advertising industry. Skills in growth strategy, data analysis, marketing management, advertising, growth hacking, sales, account and customer management.

SFC TALK │ Thinking Slow in A Fast-paced Era

Toby Walsh | Author of Machines That Think: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

  • Professor of University of South Wales
  • PhD from University of Cambridge

Toby Walsh is a world-renowned professor on artificial intelligence at the University of South Wales and Data61. He was named by the media as a "rock star" of the digital revolution and included on the list of the 100 most important digital innovators in Australia. Toby is the author of the books ‘IT’S ALIVE’,‘Android Dreams’, ‘Machines That Think’ and ‘2062: The Year that AI Made”.

• Publications : Machines That Think: The Future of Artificial Intelligence (2018)

Mina Sohn | writer

  • BA in Spanish Language and Literature from Korea University
  • MA in Journalism from University of Barcelona
  • Writer & TV personality
  • Chairman of The School of Life Seoul Campus

Ms. Mina Sohn retired from main announcer at KBS and became a writer. She has more than 10 years of experience as well as deep knowledge in humanities. As evidenced by her travel essays topping bestseller charts, she’s regarded as a writer who looks into people’s lives in different countries with sharp yet insightful eyes and thus allows Korean leaders to reflect upon their own lives.

Also, Ms. Sohn is the Chairman of The School of Life Seoul Campus. She’s a frequent speaker at various events, encouraging self-reflection on the meaning of life, personal relationships and communication as well as discussing ways to realize happiness and to design one’s own life.

• Publications: Spain, A Symbol of Freedom (2006), Who Drew Mimoja (2011)