Keynote │ Next Connectivity and Beyond

Trend Focus 2020 │ Big Data Analysis : Korea 2020

Big Data Analysis : Korea 2020

Speaker │ Jinsu Seo Data & People CEO

Jinsu Seo is an expert on big data collection and analysis using R and Python, and CEO of IT consulting firm with groups big data experts ‘Concierge Software’ and ‘Data & People’. He has conducted several lectures on Fourth Industrial Revolution/Big Data/AI at major media and organizations such as KBS and SBS. He is also listed in the ‘Marquis Who's Who’, one of the world's biggest biographical dictionaries. He has written 15 books on big data analysis and is working hard to inform the public about its importance.

Session I │ Blockchain : Advance of Technology, Change of Daily Life

Blockchain : Advance of Technology, Change of Daily Life

Moderator │ Yanghee Choi Professor at Seoul National University

Yanghee Choi leads the Internet Lab in Seoul National University. He was president of Open Systems and Internet Association of Korea and Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers. He also served as a dean of Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology, and president of Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology. He was also a former chair of the special committee on Convergence Technology at KAST and a member of President's Council on Informatization Strategies (CIS). Successfully finising his term as the first chairman of Samsung Science and Technology Foundation, he worked at the Korean government as Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planningfrom July 2014 until July 2017.

Speech 1 │ Global blockchain technology company with a simple purpose : make the world more transparent and trusted

Speaker │ Eunchul Lee Head of Bitfury Korea

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Speech 2 │ The Regulatory system for blockchain technology and its scalability

Speaker │ Sungjun Park Director of the Blockchain Research Center at Dongguk University

Sungjun Park is Director of Research Center of Blockchain in Dongguk University, established to build a network of experts in various fields, in the purpose of secure national competitiveness of the block chain and its technologies. He invented the ‘deb consensus algorithm’, which could be a solution to the centralization problem of current public blockchain. Before joining Research Center of Blockchain, he was Cryptographic team Director at Korea Information Security Agency and Senior Researcher on Cryptographic at National Security Research Institute.

Speech 3 │ Blockchain in Healthcare and MediBloc

Speaker │ Eunsol Lee Co-Founder, MediBloc

Eunsol Lee is a Medical Doctor, Certified Physician in Biomedical Informaticsand Co-founder of ‘MediBloc’, a healthcare information platform and a personal data ecosystem built on blockchain technology. Finising his degree in Medicine and Radiology, Lee participated in several projects from data labs, including Nexon. He designed ’MediBloc’ to create a healthcare information system for patients to directly participate in medical treatment.

Session II │ Close Encounters of Hyper Connectivity : Coming of New Lifestyle X

Close Encounters of Hyper Connectivity : Coming of New Lifestyle X

Moderator │ Peter Jaewon Chun XnTree CEO, former Master Planner of National Smart City pilot project Busan Eco Delta City

Peter Jaewon Chun is a former Master Planner responsible for the National Smart City pilot project Busan Metropolitan Eco Delta City, under Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Previously, he is the founder and CEO of XnTree Ltd., a global tech Accelerator in Level39 (the largest Smart City &Blockchain/FinTech Innovation Cluster in Europe). At Xntree Ltd., Chun was involved in designing ‘Cognicity Challenge’ program, a Canary Wharf Financial District Smart City project. He also worked as an advisor to government organization in South Korea, Seoul Metropolitan Government and Gyeonggi-do Province Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Authority.

Speech 1 │ Human-centric Smart City

Speaker │ Silje Bareksten Head of Sustainability and Technology of Nor-shipping, FormerHead of Smart City at Oslo Business Region

SiljeBareksten has background in commercialization of technology and cutting edge research from leading science and technology environments in Norway and abroad. In addition to working with entrepreneurship and innovation management in the public sector,Silje has worked at the knowledge transfer group at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. She also worked as Head of Smart City in Oslo Business Region, utilizing her broad background in and understanding of technology to support the city of Oslo’s positioning as a smart city.Today, she is Head of Sustainability and Technology of Nor-shipping,one of the leading international trade fair for the shipping industry. Silje is passionate about promoting Oslo startups and creating circular, smart and sustainable city models and solutions.

Speech 2 │ Smart Mobility : KT’s Vision and Progress

Speaker │ Kangrim Choi Vice President of KT Corporation

Kangrim Choi is the Vice President of KT Corp., formerly well known as Korea Telecom. He is currently leading the Connected Car Business Department, which is to create an industry leading solutions and services to enable the new era of connected and autonomous vehicles. Most recently, he was the director of new business strategy focusing on Internet of Things in the ‘Platform Business Planning Office’, which plans and controls corporate-level strategic initiatives. Prior to joining KT, Kangrim Choi was a research engineer with General Motors and Hyundai Motor Company, where he became knowledgeable about automotive industry. He received his master’s degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in the U.S. and an M.S. & B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea.

Speech 3 │ Connectivity in the Smart City

Speaker │ Jongki Park Manager of Smart City Unit LPWA TF, SK Telecom

Jongki Park is an engineer,majoredInformation and Communication at Kwangwoon University Graduate School of Information & Technology. Heparticipated on B2B corporate data business with SK broadband(former Hanaro Telecom), and with that experience he was in charge of a strategic planning of business enterprise to be IoTand merge corporate services with wireless network to increase the productivity and result cost reduction. Preparing for the new era of Connectivity, which there are thousands of IoT devices, Jongki Park established adopting a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) and he was carrying the major role to motion commercialization ofLoRa (July 2016) and Cat.M1 (April 2018).

Seoul Insight │ Determined Demographics : A tool to project the future

Determined Demographics : A tool to project the future

Speaker │ Youngtae Cho Professor at Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University

Youngtae Cho is currently teaching at Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University. He is ademographer, predicts social characteristics and changes through various demographic phenomena. As an international expert in population policies, he is currently an advisor to General Office for Population and Family Planning of Vietnam. Professor Cho is elected Council Member of Asian Population Association and Head Manager of BK21Plus Training center for the convergent application of mobile technology and big data analysis in public health.

SFC Talks │ Happiness vs. Digital Technology

Is technology going to bring a rosy future to the mankind?

Speaker I │ James Barrat Author of <Our Final Invention>

James Barrat is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and the author of groundbreaking nonfiction book on AI, Our Final Invention: an Amazon #1 Bestseller and 2013 Huffington Post Definitive Tech Book. He explores why investment in artificial intelligence has doubled each year since 2009, and why by 2025 AI and automation will make up the largest sectors of the economy. But Barrat also probes the dark side of machine intelligence, one you’ll never hear about from Google, Apple, Facebook, or Amazon. James Barrat, through his speech, engages the world in the most important conversation of our time.

Insight into the future of technology and mankind

Speaker II │ Seungyeon Cho Best-selling Author of South Korea

Seoungyeon Cho is a Korean writer of 18 books among which 5 national bestsellers. His knowledge of Pre-Modern English, French, Italian, reading knowledge of German and Chinese made him unique in the field of popular comparative cultures and languages. He is a TV celebrity who makes regular appearances on national cable and network channels including KBS-TV, CJ-tvN, JTBC, MBC, and others. As a multi-lingual who spent his youth in the US, France, and Italy, his work is focused on making history relevant to solving modern problems facing humanity, more specifically what non-Western humanities can teach us about what we are going through.